ReSHOCK™️ PS1 Gray PS5 Controller


Behold, the rebirth of a weapon like no other. Step into the hallowed realm of gaming legacy with Killscreen’s PS1 Gray “ReSHOCK™️” PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. Inspired by the legendary PlayStation 1 console, this marvel of craftsmanship exudes timeless power. From its resplendent gray exterior to its retro-style shape buttons and sloped DualShock-style D-pad, every detail resonates with the echoes of battles past. Witness the convergence of past and present as Killscreen emerges again to etch its name into the annals of gaming history. Prepare yourselves, for a new era has dawned. Seize your weapon, the battlefield awaits!

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What Are “Button Action” Options?

The term “Button Action” is a phrase we coined to describe the internal mechanical process or response triggered when a button on a controller is pressed. Killscreen’s most popular button action modifications are as follows:

  • Default/Standard: A Standard PlayStation 5 DualSense with Sony’s adaptive trigger technology.
  • Mouse Click (Instant) Triggers & Bumpers: AKA, “clicky triggers.” Killscreen’s popular shoulder button modification. Standard adaptive triggers are converted to “hair triggers” with significantly shorter travel (~2mm) and “clicky” tactile feel. Triggers and Bumpers now work, effectively, as clicky on/off switches.
  • Mouse Click Face Buttons: Our “clicky” button modification for the D-Pad and Shape Buttons (Square, Triangle, Cross, Circle). Say goodbye to standard rubber membranes – we’ve upgraded them with microswitches to provide an enhanced tactile experience.
  • Full Mouse Click: AKA “Full Clicky.” In short, both of the above modifications combined. Our clicky triggers/bumpers setup, plus the face buttons (D-Pad and action buttons), resulting in a complete tactile configuration.

Our Canvas

At Killscreen, crafting the ultimate custom PS5 controller experience is an artistry that begins with a pristine canvas – a brand new, authentic Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense™ wireless controller. We believe in pushing the boundaries of customization, granting gamers the power to command a controller that is unique and unmistakably their own.

Box for Pink PS5 Controller

“Love the controller it is amazing keep doing what your doing kill screen 💯”


“They sent me a little personal doodle and note that made me chuckle…and the controller I got was rad”


“Absolutely fire controller brother 🤟🏻”



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