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Killscreen Launches Cinnabar Red DualSense for PS5

Killscreen Launches Cinnabar Red DualSense for PS5

Killscreen announced today the release of their Cinnabar Red PS5 DualSense controller, a striking tribute to the classic Japan-exclusive Cinnabar Red PlayStation 2 (SCPH-90000 CR). The Return of a Classic Import Fifteen years after its initial debut, the Cinnabar Red...

Killscreen Unveils the Lemon Yellow PS5 DualSense Controller

Killscreen Unveils the Lemon Yellow PS5 DualSense Controller

June 27, 2024 – The mad scientists at Killscreen are excited to announce the release of their Lemon Yellow PS5 DualSense controller, a vibrant homage to the legendary Japan-exclusive PS2 DualShock 2 (SCPH-10010Y). This expertly crafted throwback is available for...

PS4 Crystal Clear PS5 Controller Promo

We Can Rebuild Him.

Found some controllers you like but want to swap parts to create your own unique weapon? No problem. Contact us, let us know what you are thinking and we’ll craft a custom controller built to your specifications.

Top down view of electronics on a controller lab build table at Killscreen

Everything is a Rush Build

We ship most builds within 48-72 hours. No extra “rush build” fees. No waiting around for weeks wondering where your order is. We are ready to build, ready to ship, right now.


Do you use new OEM controllers?

Yes, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, you name it. All of our controllers begin with a brand new, in the retail box, OEM controller and we have mountains of controller boxes to prove it. Seriously, take our boxes.

Where’s my order?

You should receive automatic notification from us with tracking. It may take us a few days to build, package, and ship. Check your junk mail. Else, contact us with your order number.

Do you ship international?

Absolutely, we have shipped all over the world. From South Korea to Saudi Arabia, you name it. If the site lets you purchase than you should be good.

Do you do custom controller designs?

We do custom in the sense that you can mix and match parts you see in our designs. We do not do custom graphics for a single controller. Just contact us with what you are thinking and we’ll sort it out.

Is that a sticker, skin, etc?

We don’t use stickers, labels, or “skins” of any kind on the controllers. It’s either the color of the plastic or the design is bonded to the shell during manufacturing.

Do you do back buttons?

Right now we are doing RISE kits for back buttons/paddles however we are in the lab working on our own setup that we hope to have ready later this year. Some of the listings already have RISE options. If not, contact us.

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