Counterfeit Killscreen


The imposterinos have arrived. Not the most fun topic but I suppose it’s the nature of the beast. Recently we noticed there was someone on eBay selling a single clear green “KILLSCREEN” Nintendo Switch joy-con. Short version, it wasn’t one of ours. We tried contacting both eBay and the seller about it letting them know that it wasn’t Kill but, after multiple attempts, we haven’t heard anything. We are going to keep trying.

This led us to run some searches and we found this (screenshot below) listing on some “uBuy” website for our clear blue Joycons that was essentially just a rip of one of our eBay listings. We don’t currently use this uBuy website or know who the person(s) is that put it up. Ironically it has some goofy “genuine” badge on it as if its some seal of approval. Naturally we will be contacting them as well. It looks like this is something we can expect to see more of.

Whoever made this is a “Genuine” lame-o

Point being, if you care whether or not what you are getting was actually made by us and is actually a “KILLSCREEN” product than you will want to purchase it from one of the source’s listed below. It goes without saying that individuals will eventually sell our stuff and that makes perfect sense but when sellers and other businesses in other countries are using our brand/logo and photos to make listings for controllers that aren’t actually made by us that’s really not cool and is naturally something we are going to take very seriously.

On a related note we will be talking internally about ways that we can make easier for people to be able to know that what they are getting is the genuine article. If you aren’t sure you can message us through the site and we will get back to you asap to help authenticate a source or item you find out in the wild.

Official List of Killscreen Product Sources (Last Updated: March 2023)

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