Release Notes: June 2023


We were thinking we should probably have a place where we put updates and things of that such nature (wat). I’m not sure if this is valuable to anyone yet but we’ll give it a try and see where it goes.

Website Updates: Variations

I am going through all of the controller listings and adding “Button Action” variations since we have proven to be such 31337 h4xx0rz in this regard. If you see a listing for a controller you want and it does not have options to modify the controllers button action (“clicky” triggers/bumpers, face buttons, etc.) just let us know and we’ll sort it out.

Also, in general, if you have something in mind, like adding different trim or changing the button color of a controller we can work with you on that as well. The Black Dragon PS5 controller design actually came about from a customer messaging us and requesting the gold hardware on the Golden Dragon be swapped for black. Something we just hadn’t gotten to playing with yet and, we can confidently say, it was a really good idea.

So, in short, send us your ideas. If we have the parts, we can probably build it.

Stock Updates

  • Goku is out of stock. We already have some pre-orders in for it. We plan on having it as well as another DBZ themed controller back in stock by mid-July. Expect shipments to start going out then.
  • Our very popular Golden Dragon is back in stock.
  • Purple Haze is out of stock for the foreseeable future. We like this one but we need to figure out what it will take to make it consistently as some of the parts are a bit wonky to come by unfortunately.

Remappable Back Buttons

This didn’t exactly fit under stock updates so I figured I would separate it out. We have had some questions about this functionality and whether or not we will be carrying it as an option for our controllers. Currently we do not, however, the answer is a definite yes. We will have the capability to add remappable back buttons to the controllers in the near future.

We have a couple prototypes we are working on and testing. Once we have a solution we are happy with and has met our standards we will update with an announcement. This is a serious “pro controller” modification and we won’t feel comfortable until we have tried multiple methods and put the tech through rigorous testing.

There’s probably more but that should do for now.


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